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~  Player Instructions    ~

1. Click PLAY: (button at bottom center) as soon as the mp3inMotion Player appears. Because the music streams, you do NOT have to wait for the entire file to download before listening to the music. (A thin Download-Progress line, found beneath the Scrolling Text Window, will grow to the Window's width when 100% of the file is downloaded).

2. CONTROLS:   At the bottom center of the mp3inMotion Player, click on a green control button to: (from left to right) Rewind (Arrow Left), Stop, Play (Enter), Pause (SpaceBar), Fast Forward (Arrow Right) the song.  Drag the green triangle shaped Pointer to the right or left to navigate to a specific place in the song.  The Scrolling text will update accordingly when the mouse is released. Pointer remains at last position while a new round Pointer tracks the song position. Clicking the triangular Pointer now causes player to jump back to the Pointers Position - handy for repeating your favorite sections for music.

3. SCROLLING AND MORE:   The mp3inMotion Player starts with the Lyrics scrolling, however, you may click on the button labeled B to switch to the artist's scrolling Biography.  To switch back to the scrolling Lyrics click the button labeled L.

4. GO TO ARTIST's HOME PAGE:   Click on the artist's Name/Song Title at the top of the mp3inMotion Player to go to the artist's Home Page.

5. GO TO MANUFACTURER's HOME PAGE:   Click on the text at the top of the mp3inMotion Player Scroll Display to go to the Manufacturer's Home Page.

6. MORE FEATURES COMING SOON:  Check back often.

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